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WA State i502

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Washington Cannabis Processors Must Acquire Endorsement to Produce Edibles | Canna Law Blog™

As of April 1, 2018, Washington marijuana processors are required to hold a special endorsement from the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA)
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Washington State's Legalization Contradicts It's Own Constitution

Excuse as I get on my high horse for this one, as I point my finger at the people who support the present I502 and don't believe in homegrows. It's easier to just say No for politicians when it comes..."
CHS Capitol Hill Seattle

Defiant Ruckus growing as Capitol Hill's non-Ike's pot shop

Ruckus Recreational on E Republican at 15th expanded their tiny grass shop into the joint next door in January but no one on the staff remembers which day exactly. With the square footage of a van,…

Yakima Herald-Republic

Banning the bud? Yakima County says recent court ruling supports case against marijuana businesses in unincorporated areas

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Yakima County commissioners say a recent state appellate court ruling in favor of a ban on pot stores in Clark County only strengthens their ban on pot



WHO Report Finds No Public Health Risks Or Abuse Potential For CBD

A preliminary report by the World Health Organization reveals no adverse health effects but some definite medical applications for CBD, despite U.S. law on the subject.
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Medical Conditions That Can Be Treated With Cannabis: A – Z - Cannabis Connection

Alcohol and opiate abuse Cannabis can ease both the physical and psychological effects associated with withdrawal from both of these addictive substances.Cannabis-med studies on marijuana treatment for alcohol and drug abuseMarijuana in treating alcohol addictionMedical marijuana as a treatment for...

U. gets $740K grant for cannabis research

A $740,000 grant will allow researchers at the University of Utah to begin studying the effects of cannabis on healthy adult brains. The findings are expected to help understand potential benefits of the substance.

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New Bill Would Support Medical Research into Marijuana for Veterans - Cannabis Business Times

Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan is the Republican lead on a new bipartisan bill that would direct the Department of Veterans Affairs to research how medicinal cannabis could help ailing veterans.

Pennsylvania To Lead Nation In Medical Marijuana Research

Pennsylvania is dead set on becoming a national leader in cannabis research. Eight medical school have been awarded permission to lead the way.

Researchers develop faster test for cannabis quality

With the coming legalization of cannabis in Canada, producers are increasingly looking for quick and accurate means of determining the potency and quality of their products.


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15 Mind-Blowing Ways Hemp Can Save The World

Hemp is one of the world’s oldest crops. It also happens to be one of the most versatile. From plastics to paper, the hemp plant provides the means for humanity to live in harmony with the environment and the ecosystems that support it — without us wanting for anything.
Los Angeles Magazine

These Female Entrepreneurs Are Cultivating a Modern Cannabis Lifestyle - Los Angeles Magazine

Leave your pre-conceptions of “pot culture” behind

The Rise And Fall Of The Cannabist: Why Prohibition Outlasted These Weed Journalism Pioneers

The Denver Post's marijuana journalism site fired its entire staff last month.


Dope Cannabis Lifestyle Brand Is Unapologetically Asian-American

This clothing and lifestyle company has a pretty dank message.